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Amazon Ads helps you to grow your business by showing potential customers ads of the products that your business sells on Amazon’s shopping results and product pages. These pay-per-click ads promote individual products listings on Amazon.

Are Your Amazon Ads as Efficient and Effective as Possible?

When selling your products on Amazon, you will, of course, be dealing with competitors. If you find it challenging to make your products stand out in this massive marketplace, Sponsored Products might be the solution for you.

Pixel506 is a results-driven agency with an experienced team of strategists, creatives, and technology specialists, who know what they’re doing. Since 2009, we have been solving digital marketing problems and exceeding expectations. Our team can help your business with your approach to advertising and marketing on Amazon.

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We Help Businesses with Amazon Pay-Per-Click Advertising

With Sponsored Products, you gain visibility and help potential customers discover the products that you sell on Amazon. You only pay when customers click your ads, so you have full control over how much you are spending by setting your budget and choosing how much to bid per click.

If you have created and launched a store on Amazon that is not generating the sales you know it should, Amazon Ads can help. We understand that you're busy with your core business and that you don't want to waste time and resources. Outsourcing might be the solution for you to implement Amazon Ads.

Pixel506 can help you get started on Amazon or improve results on your current business. While we have standard packages available at competitive prices, we recognize that each business has unique needs and challenges and we tailor our service accordingly.

Monthly Ad Spend

Up to $5,000

$5,001 to $15,000

$15,001 to $50,000


Keyword Research (Up to 30 keywords per product)imgimgimgimg
Dedicated Amazon Marketing Specialistimgimgimgimg
Online Project Management Systemimgimgimgimg
Product Advertising Suggestionsimgimgimgimg
Campaign Strategy Developmentimgimgimgimg
Campaign Setupimgimgimgimg
Negative Keyword Researchimgimgimgimg
Ad Creationimgimgimgimg
Bid Adjustmentsimgimgimgimg
Sponsored Product Ads, Sponsored Brands (Brand Registered clients only), & Product Display Ads (Vendors only)imgimgimgimg
Promotion, Coupon, Lightning Deal Managementimgimgimgimg
Subscribe & Save Recommendationsimgimgimgimg
Management of both Automatic & Manual Campaignsimgimgimgimg
Quarterly Competitive Analysisimgimgimgimg
Monthly Reporting (2 hours included)imgimgimgimg
Progressive Monthly Management Cost


14% of ad spend with a $1,250/mo. minimum

12% of ad spend with a $2,250/mo. minimum

10% of ad spend with a $6,000/mo. minimum

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