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When selling your products on Amazon, you might be competing with thousands of other sellers. Amazon SEO helps you to optimize your product listings to increase visibility in the Amazon search results and help shoppers find and purchase your products.

Are your Amazon listings driving the results you want?

Amazon is the biggest online eCommerce business platform in the world. You can’t expect people to find your products simply by creating listings. By utilizing Amazon SEO you can successfully position your products, reach more buyers, and generate sales.

Pixel506 helps businesses improve their search engine ranking, drive more traffic to their Amazon listings, and increase their visibility. Our team consists of skilled and experienced SEO consultants who know exactly what to do to boost your store's findability.

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Amazon is like a never-ending online sale of products that you need and products that you never knew existed. It is easy to get lost in the maze of thousands of products and it can be difficult to have your own product listings stand out.

Our team can help you improve your search rankings. We have extensive knowledge of Amazon SEO practices and a clear understanding of what drives long-term performance on Amazon search.

What works for you might not work for others. At Pixel506, we take the time to get to know your company in order to develop customized solutions that fit your specific needs and budget. Our pricing table gives you an idea of what to expect moving forward.

Dedicated Amazon Marketing Specialistimgimgimgimg
Initial Product Analysisimgimgimgimg
Comprehensive Product Analysis Reportimgimgimgimg
Competitive Product Price Analysisimgimgimgimg
Product User Engagement Analysisimgimgimgimg
Keyword Research for Individual Products (50 keywords per product)imgimgimgimg
Product Listings Keyword Mapping and Optimizationimgimgimgimg
Search Term Keyword Additionsimgimgimgimg
Product Title Optimizationimgimgimgimg
Product Imagery List (list of products that do not meet Amazon recommended image number or have image errors)imgimgimgimg
Product key features optimizationimgimgimgimg
Product Category Optimizationimgimgimgimg
Product Review Evaluationimgimgimgimg
Initial Product Optimization

20 products

35 products

100 products


Initial Product Copywriting

10 pages

15 pages

30 pages


Video Additions (Provided by client)imgimgimgimg
Image Additions (provided by client)imgimgimgimg
Initial Photo Editing


Initial campaign development & strategyimgimgimgimg
Initial inventory and backend reviewimgimgimgimg
New Products Consulting & Integration into Amazon Account (if new products are part of above 20 targeted products)imgimgimgimg
Existing Product Optimization Suggestions and Implementations (if part of above 20 targeted products)imgimgimgimg
Amazon Case Management (if case arises from above 20 targeted products)imgimgimgimg
In-Stock Rate Monitoringimgimgimgimg
Perfect Order Percentage Monitoringimgimgimgimg
Order Defect Rate Monitoringimgimgimgimg
Amazon Inventory Planning Monitoringimgimgimgimg
Global Marketplace Suggestionsimgimgimgimg
Ongoing Product Optimizationimgimgimgimg
Quarterly Product Analysisimgimgimgimg
Quarterly Earned Media Content Assets - Content, Product, Review Updates, and more





Quarterly Competitor Analysisimgimgimgimg
Monthly Pricing Monitoringimgimgimgimg
Monthly Sales Monitoringimgimgimgimg
Monthly Amazon Reporting (2 hours included)imgimgimgimg
Monthly Amazon Consulting Callimgimgimgimg
Initial Campaign Investment (One-Time, Two-Month Duration)




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